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        According to practice, it is reasonable to allocate 3 to 4 aging rooms for modern large blast furnaces. If large blast furnace is equipped with four aging rooms, staggered parallel air supply can be realized, and the air temperature can be increased by 20 ~40 C. In the middle and later stages of campaign, another three aging rooms can be used to work under the condition of one aging room overhaul, so that the production of blast furnace will not fluctuate too much. At present, many large blast furnaces at home and abroad have built four aging rooms, but the use of three aging rooms can greatly reduce the construction investment, reduce the area occupied, but also has great attraction. With the improvement of design and installation conditions of large-diameter aging room, the design of aging room is becoming more reasonable, the quality of refractories used in aging room is improved, the equipment is more durable, and the control system is becoming more mature and reliable. Various high-temperature and long-life technologies of aging room have been formed, which makes the operation of aging room more stable and reliable, thus ensuring the stable operation of blast furnace. On this basis, the development direction of modern aging houses has changed to reduce the number of aging houses, prolong the life of aging houses, strengthen combustion capacity, shorten the air supply time, reduce the area of heat storage, recover the heat of waste gas, and improve the total thermal efficiency. In addition, the operation mode of shortening the air supply time as far as possible has also been taken seriously. Based on the new design concept and complete technical support, the number of aging rooms has been reduced from 4 to 3 in domestic iron and steel enterprises. The operation mode of aging rooms has been changed to "two fires and one delivery". The adjustment and control of air temperature depends on mixing air, which also achieves the effect of high air temperature. 

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