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        现在越来越多的人接入到老化房行业来了,特别是高温老化房的建设。这也使得客户的选择面广了。客户所提出的问题也逐渐的多了起来。其中归结到如何节能这一块上的就挺多。 要想老化房达到节能的目的要靠双方就目的性取得一致,需要也要有义配合一下,当然,设计方更需要拿出更好的方案来。只要做到以下几点,老化房的节能性就会得到进一步的提高:

        Now more and more people are joining the aging housing industry, especially the construction of high temperature aging housing. This also makes the customer's choice wider. More and more questions have been raised by customers. It boils down to how to save energy. In order to achieve the goal of energy saving in aging houses, it is necessary for both sides to achieve the same goal. Meaningful cooperation is also needed. Of course, the designers need to come up with better plans. As long as the following points are achieved, the energy saving of the aging house will be further improved:

        1. 需方就老化使用问题上要有明确性,不能随意说高温度范围,给设计方造成困惑,增加了能量设计的数量。打个比方来说,就是一个特定尺寸的老化房,如果是按照50度来设计,可能只需要12KW的加热功率,但是如果按照70度来设计的话,就需要至少14KW的加热量。这样一来,50度设计方式就要比70度的设计方式来得更节省材料及加热量了。

        1. Demanders should be clear about the use of aging. They should not randomly say the range of high temperature, which causes confusion to designers and increases the number of energy designs. For example, an aging room of a specific size, if designed according to 50 degrees, may only need 12 KW heating power, but if designed according to 70 degrees, it needs at least 14 KW heating power. In this way, the 50 degree design method will save more material and heating than the 70 degree design method. 2. 高温老化房的保温性能必须做好。这就需要在保温库体上下功夫。这个其实每个做老化房的厂家都会做。只是有些客户为了节省建设成本二省掉了周围的保温维护结构,这也会造成运行期间热量的流失而加大了恒温时的加热量的输出。

        2. The thermal insulation performance of high temperature aging room must be done well. This requires efforts on the thermal storage body. In fact, every manufacturer of aging houses will do it. However, in order to save construction costs, some customers have omitted the surrounding thermal insulation maintenance structure, which will also cause heat loss during operation and increase the output of heating at constant temperature.

        3. 高温老化房在运行时,循环风机是必须要不停地运转的,这也是老化房在运行期间能量损耗比较大的一块。这方面节能就比较直观了,谁的整体运风马达功率越小,谁的节能性就越高(在加热量相同的情况下)。

        3. When the high temperature aging room is running, the circulating fan must be running continuously, which is also a larger energy loss during the operation of the aging room. This aspect of energy saving is more intuitive, whose overall wind motor power is smaller, whose energy saving is higher (in the case of the same heating).

        4. 在操作上,要尽量减少开门次数。开门次数越多,热量就损失越多。

        4. In operation, we should try to reduce the number of opening doors. The more doors are opened, the more heat is lost.


        The above points, as long as done, I believe that customers will have a more energy-saving aging room when using!

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