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        Aging room is a necessary test equipment in aviation, automobile, household appliances, scientific research and other fields. Aging room is used to test and determine the parameters and performance of electrical, electronic and other products and materials after high temperature environment changes. Aging room is suitable for climate simulation test of large parts and whole machine. A test equipment of such a large aging room, if you want every test to be perfect, you must check and maintain it regularly to keep it in the best working condition. Here are the maintenance tips listed by our company. Hope to help you.
        First, the use files of aging rooms should be established to facilitate the maintenance and repair of aging rooms. The use of archives should record the starting and ending time (date), type of test and environmental temperature of each operation of the aging room. When the system fails, the failure phenomena should be described as detailed as possible, and the contents of maintenance and maintenance of the system should also be recorded as detailed as possible. This is the most important trick to maintain the aging room and its equipment.
        2. The aging room must be operated and maintained by special personnel. Strictly abide by the operating rules of the system to avoid other people violating the operating system.
        3. The operation test of the main power switch (leakage short circuit) is carried out regularly every month to ensure that the switch can be used as leakage protector when the load capacity is satisfied. The specific steps are: first, make sure that the main power switch is on, that is, the system is energized, and then press the test button. If the leakage current breaks, the switch rod of the device falls down, the function is normal.
        4. The test products placed in the step-in aging room should be at a certain distance from the suction and exhaust outlets of the air-conditioning passage, so as not to hinder the air flow.

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